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Our mission is to support you in getting your invention idea to crowdfunding or market, by performing high quality design and engineering.


At InventPro firstly we understand and emphasise with the problem. We find solutions, produce sketches, then create and test rapid prototypes. This allows us to create intuitive products that are fully functional and beautiful.


We can perform the Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering needed to bring your invention ideas to life. Producing CAD and bringing all the different design aspects together into one quality engineered product.


With tools like 3D printing and open source electronic platforms we can create functional and beautiful prototypes, efficiently and at affordable rates. Engineering and user tests can then be performed to support the development of your product.


Crowdfunding has allowed product designers to take less risks to get greater rewards. We provide advice and guidance for your campaign as well as creating a prototype ready to raise the funding needed to get it to market.


At InventPad we can perform a full market research to see where your product will fit into the world today. We can outline the technical aspects to optimise the potential of the invention idea.


In all aspects of our design, engineering and processes at InventPad we aim to get creative. Approaching the projects and tasks from different angles to find the best and most intuitive solutions.


At InventPro we have created a wide range of products working with customers all over the world.

bicycle car rack invention idea, design and engineered for crowdfunding

Upside Racks

Engineering Consultation

call grampma invention idea, design and engineered for crowdfunding

Call Grampma

Full Design & Engineering

kindred water machine invention idea, design and engineered for prototype

Kindred Water

Machine Design

iphone charging case invention idea, design and engineered for crowdfunding

iPhone Charging Case

Mechanical & Electrical Design

LCD sheet metal enclosure invention idea, design and engineered for prototype

LCD Enclosures

Sheet Metal Engineering

machine mechanical invention idea, design and engineered for manufacture

Rotating Trellis

Industrial Engineering

waste management invention idea, design and engineered for crowdfunding

Waste Management Structures

Engineering Drawings

lip balm container invention idea, design and engineered for crowdfunding

Lip Balm Container

Full Design & Engineering

bathroom stool industrial invention idea, design and engineered for crowdfunding

Bathroom stool

Industrial Design


InventPro is a design and development company that is incorporating modern technology and connectivity to provide an efficient and affordable service. We want to produce incredible designs and add amazing engineering to create a prototype ready for Crowdfunding.

  • Design and engineering invention idea CAD


    Our Humble Beginnings

    Starting small and laying down the foundations by performing CAD and design consultation.

  • Design process with mechanical, software and electrical engineering of invention ideas

    November 2016

    An Agency is Born

    Expanding our work to a wide range of projects with varied technologies and scales. Developing our design process to follow a project from start to finish.

  • Crowdfunding campaign engineering and design of invention ideas

    August 2017

    Focusing on Crowdfunding

    When a number of our projects were focusing on Crowdfunding we noticed the increasing ease and benefits of getting a product to Crowdfunding before market. We pivoted our design and engineering skills to focus on creating amazing campaign ready products, that allow for easy delivery on rewards.

  • Product and invention idea design and engineering and 3D printing of prototypes

    2018 Forward

    Expanding to the future

    From developing new products and software internally to support our customers to expanding our projects and connections, the future is very exciting at InventPro. Keeping up with technological advancements and opportunities will allow InventPro to make design and engineering accessible for all.

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Our Amazing Team

At InventPro our passion and motivation for your projects comes from within.

Jonathan Baxter mechanical engineer invention ideas and designer

Jonathan Baxter

Mechanical Design Engineer

Dara shorten developer javascript, adruino, html, css

Dara Shorten

Lead Developer

We also have a strong and trusted relationship with developers, electrical engineers, 3D printing and manufacturing companies around the globe.

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